How People Who Don’t Care What Others Think Overcome Difficulties


Some people definitely have superpowers. And one of the most important ones is the superpower to be able to remove yourself, with dignity, from any awkward or annoying situation. It doesn’t matter whether they became the object of ridicule, got into trouble, or someone simply wanted to offend them — their response always proves they are impermeable.

Wap Trens found several stories whose characters don’t let others play jokes or laugh at them and always come out winners. The secret behind their success is simply not caring about other people’s opinions.

1. An old skateboarder started her own club.

Elizabeth, a retired pensioner from England, was told that she was too old for skateboarding while she was practicing her skills at a skate park. 2 people stopped her and her friend, exclaiming “Are we hallucinating?” hinting at the incompatibility of the woman’s age and this activity that’s mainly popular among young people.

Not only did this woman continue skateboarding but she also helped other elderly people believe in themselves and start doing sports. She established her own club and named it “Very Old Skateboarders.” Currently, her Facebook group has almost 3,000 followers and this number keeps growing. Have a look — the things they are doing are really cool!

2. A girl powerlifter surprised a man pestering her on the street.

A stranger that came up to this seemingly fragile girl on the street definitely wasn’t expecting that she would be able to stand up for herself. “I was walking down the street in Dublin when suddenly a man grabbed my butt. So my first reaction was to punch him in the face” says Leanna Carr. Leanna was not expecting this reaction from herself — she is actually not a quick-tempered person. But according to her, she got so angry that she simply couldn’t hold herself back. And judging by her Instagram account, her punches are pretty strong — she’s a powerlifter.

As proof, she took a picture of her hand with bruised, red knuckles. Her Twitter followers were on her side, but Leanna herself doesn’t think that a woman should necessarily need to have strong arms and quick legs to avoid trouble. “A man should understand when his actions are wrong.” says Leanna.

3. A fat girl responds with dignity to an insult about her weight.

19-year-old Vega Blossom was in her favorite bakery waiting in a long line. The woman standing behind her was expressing her dissatisfaction very sharply and loudly. When it was Vega’s turn to place her order, the angry woman said, “Thank God! Now let’s hope that this fatso doesn’t buy all the cupcakes.”

It was very offensive to hear those words but Vega didn’t skip a beat and bought all the cupcakes, spending a total of $54. When leaving the bakery, she looked the fat-shamer right in the eye and said, “Can you please open the door, I don’t have a free hand.” The woman didn’t say a word. And Vega returned to work and shared all the cupcakes that she had bought with her friends and colleagues.

4. A Dutch girl turned her birthmark into something she’s proud of by highlighting it with the help of cosmetics.

How People Who Don’t Care What Others Think Overcome Difficulties

All throughout school, Olivia Holm would hear kids taunt her about a big birthmark on her neck. Many of those comments were affecting her self-confidence in a negative way. At 13, she started to look for people on social media that managed to accept and love their imperfections. This helped her to accept her birthmark and to stop hiding it behind hair or makeup. But when people on the streets kept staring at Olivia, she did something unexpected.

She says, “I thought to myself that I should give them something even more interesting to stare at. So I came home and glittered my birthmark.” She posted the picture of this glittered birthmark to her Instagram account. Not everyone reacted to it positively, but she still got many kind responses from people who she inspired with her own example of body acceptance. Now she is 18, continues to experiment with makeup, and doesn’t feel self-conscious anymore.

5. A boy that was made fun of because of his extra weight married the woman of his dreams.

Kudi, a guy from Thailand, has always been bullied for being overweight — he carries an extra 250 lbs. He often heard that he would never find a girlfriend. However, this fat guy surprised everyone when he married the beautiful Puwadol, a local nurse. It turns out they had been in love and seeing each other for 10 years before they got married, which means that Puwadol accepts Kudi the way he is and is the first to jump to his defense.

“He cares about me and says that I look beautiful with short hair even though he doesn’t like when I cut it,” says Puwadol. Recently the couple had a baby — another testament to their love for each other. And though people still keep laughing at them, Puwadol says she doesn’t care because she married a person who she loves for his beautiful soul.

6. A cook working in a snack bar couldn’t find a date for prom so his boss “added him to the menu.”

Tanner Waters was feeling so desperate as he was trying to find a girl to escort to his prom that he asked his boss to accompany him so he didn’t have to go alone. But his boss found a better solution: he wrote about Tanner on the outside menu board of the cafe so that everyone could see it and ask about Tanner.

Tanner thought it was hilarious and the media started to interview him which gave him a chance to show what a cool guy he is. And with such a good sense of humor, we’re sure he found the perfect prom date.

7. She couldn’t find a prom date so she took Danny DeVito’s cardboard cutout. What she wasn’t expecting is for the actor himself to reply to her.

Not being able to find a date for a prom, Allison Closs decided to approach her situation with a sense of humor and took a full-size Danny DeVito cardboard cutout with her. At the prom, she performed her final dance with the her “date,” went for a Segway walk with him, and even visited a bar. Allison says that Danny is her favorite actor and that he couldn’t refuse to be her date.

The story continues: when DeVito heard about this, he took a cardboard cutout of Allison to a bar and Rob McElhenney, a producer and an actor, informed the world about it on his Instagram account.

8. Jenna Kutcher always has a response to negative comments about her and her husband’s bodies.

Jenna wears clothes in a size 12 and has been married to a fitness-trainer with an amazing figure for 11 years. They are active together and she doesn’t diet. And that’s what some of Jenna’s followers don’t like, she constantly gets messages like “I can’t believe you managed to land such a good looking guy.” These types of comments chipped away at her confidence and even made her start to think that she doesn’t deserve her husband because of her extra weight.

However, her husband Drew doesn’t care about her extra pounds. He has been telling Jenna for 10 years that she is gorgeous, even if she doesn’t think so. “So yes, my thighs kiss, my arms are big, and my bum is bumpy but I chose the man that could handle all that.” says Jenna. She confesses that sometimes she wants to delete the photos that show her extra weight too much but her husband stops her from doing it. He says it is he who was lucky to land such a gorgeous woman.

Do you think we should sometimes listen to the opinions of those around us? We believe that the best way to live your life is to live the way you want regardless of your age or the size of your clothes. And, we should turn the other cheek and never get upset if other people try to point out our imperfections.

Do you agree with us or not? We would love to read your opinion in the comments!

Preview photo credit Jenna Kutcher / instagram


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